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The city's administration for children's services. Is reviewing its hiring practices after a counselor charged with injuring. A child was actually spending. A lot of time before that. In prison for murder we'll have a story and five minutes now five twenty five CBS money news sponsored by Mavis discount tire Bloomberg's Tracey. Jockey Steve the Dow's up one hundred twenty. Six points, at twenty five thousand. Six twenty. Nine NASDAQ's up twenty four points at seventy. Eight eighty three the s&p is up. Eight in tesla was part of this Elon Musk? Said on Twitter he's considering taking the, company private the. Price is willing to pay would value tests laid almost twice what Ford is worth to Wall Street and whether he's serious or not the stock sleep after his tweets made musk one. Point four billion dollars richer some Papa. John's franchisees blamed falling sales on July reports, the company's founder used a racial. Slur Papa John's was struggling to sell pizzas well before that the entire quarter saw sales fall more than six percent Papa John Schneider. Who is fighting to regain control of the. Company says, that's really the current. CEO fault. With money news at twenty five and fifty. Five on WCBS I'm Bloomberg's Tracy jonky Eight.

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