Facebook in talks with banks to expand customer service


Official ports of entry like this floating dock near lake. Champlain are unmanned at night border patrol agents rely on local residents patrols and sensors to. Alert them to possible crossings there are thousands of centers like this one, deployed along the northern border then. Incorporate motion detection and cameras when they sent someone coming across the tricky part is getting a border patrol agent there in. Time enough to catch them sometimes entering the US is as simple as walking across a twenty foot wide clearing in the woods. Or paddling on a lake you don't have to, check in with any water but I'm not seeing. Any markers on this lake it's pretty unmarked and apparently you. Can go wherever you want as long. As you don't touch lands Puerto FOX is, author of the book Northland his three year exploration of what. He calls America's forgotten border the only known terrorists to be, apprehended coming overland into. America came from the north this border, was created in a different Time, it. Was created as. The world's friendliest border between two countries seven million American jobs depend on this cross-border business. There's a lot at stake up here in the north many buildings and businesses literally straddle, the northern border and the illegal traffic goes both ways just last January, Canadian man pled guilty to smuggling. Handguns through this library into Canada Don daler reporting well the search continues for a fourteen year old San Ramon girl who's. Been missing now for a week her parents put out a call for help yesterday morning more than sixty people responded rod Jeanette. Cusak tell the KPI x five that everyone who, came out to help gave them a little tiny. Break from the pain and heartache of their daughter's disappearance ever. Really grateful to all the people who. Came out Taylor Cusack was last seen at, her friend's house a week ago her mom Jeannette says the. Girl left her phone charger behind when she found it just, going dark and not. There's no phone nothing there's just nothing No sign of her communication wise and I can't see a fourteen year old going that long without her own phone without things that belonged to her like that that are important to. Her tears yesterday found out from the last known location scouring miles of local trails for clues investigators say there. Have been no, signs. Of foul play Joins us now from, the, KCBS super micro Intel money desk good morning. Jason good morning Rebecca the Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has been asking banks to give the social. Networker customer information including checking account balances and credit card transactions in order for Facebook to roll out new services to users the journal says Facebook has reached. Out to Wells Fargo CitiGroup j.. P. Morgan Chase and US Bank core but so far data privacy has, been a concern for the banks with one. Dropping out of talks altogether Facebook has reportedly told the banks that the client information will help it offers, services, that, will, compel its users to spend more time on its messenger app Facebook stock is, heading higher today bitcoin fans have struggled to gain mainstream, acceptance for the biggest crypto currency but they may have just kind of tailwind thanks to Starbucks announcing its teaming up to launch a startup exchange for cryptos called backed BK capital management founder Brian. Kelly CNBC that Starbucks getting involved is the, biggest news of the year for bitcoin and, that paves the way for a US regulated exchange Dow's. Up forty eight, points at twenty five thousand five hundred, eleven, NASDAQ gaining forty five points to seventy eight. Fifty seven and the s&p is up eleven points at twenty eight fifty one on the MoneyWatch Jason Brooks. KCBS Walgreens has.

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