California appeals ruling to let border wall proceed


Mendocino complex are being treated as one incident at scorched at last report four hundred and forty three square miles. And Facebook wants your financial data the, Wall Street Journal reports the social. Media giant has asked large banks to share detailed financial information about their customers including card transactions and checking account balances it's part of an effort to offer new services Facebook increasingly wants to be a. Platform where people buy and sell goods Facebook told CNN the story implies incorrectly that Facebook's actively asking for financial transaction data. Saying, like many other on-line, companies with commerce businesses we partner with banks and credit card companies to offer services like, customer chat or. Account managements in your news this, morning a federal appeals court will hear arguments today by the state of California, and advocacy groups who contend the Trump administration overreached by waving environmental Reviews to, speed up construction of the border wall California's appealing a decision by US. District judge Gonzalo Curiel who. Sided with the administration in February at issue is a two thousand five law that game, homeland security broad authority to waive dozens. Of environmental laws California argues that the waiver authority. Expired in two thousand eight when homeland security satisfied congressional requirements at the. Time on how much wall to build Chicago police and even the mayor keep bringing up the sweltering heat wave when talking about this. Weekend's gun violence at least eleven people were shot to death in about seventy wounded in a. Weekend burst of violence mayor, Rahm Emanuel and police superintendent Eddie Johnson discussed the barbarity at a Monday news conference.

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