James Marsden to Star in 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie


Sonic movie has started production and we almost talked about this last week, but we had so much stuff to cover last week that I was like, oh, we'll get to. Eventually I was gonna say anything like, he's like, you know, we did. We really didn't have a lot this week, so it kinda worked out. Like eight con filled in nicely to Slad in. But okay, so I'm getting this from comic book movie dot com. Say, having started production only a week ago, the sonic the hedgehog film is already delving into nostalgia hills zone. A name familiar to fans of the franchise will be making its live action debut during the hybrid film, the location of Greenhills, which set the tone for sonic as the first games level. As the games I level seems to be under the watch of sheriff, Tom, which hausky played by James Marsden the film's human lead. Now, there's a couple of pictures of Mr. Marsden l. k. onset. They just literally within. Like a week or so, you know, just started filming. So you know, they're kind of doing principal for tiger fy and stuff at this point. But this is Mr. Marsden as Tom, the Cup. It's like, okay for anyone who hasn't seen any set photos. He's just like in like a sheriff's outfit like that Brown light Brown combo me myself and Irene, he kind of looks like Jim Carrey does. He does? He does. And then here's a another. One of them. Just, you know, fixing his little cowboy hat. Just like, you know, I don't remember a cop in sonic. It's it's going to be because they call it a hybrid movie is going to be like a live action CG tight. Okay. So like the cream for Robin Kennedy thing, think Alvin and the chipmunks project probably somewhere or like the Smurfs movie or something like that somewhere weren't

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