Judge in Manafort case won't unseal juror names, says he's received threats


The materials that end up on superman Shelves and ultimately in our own homes and of course. Overall to reduce the amount of plastic and use other materials. Such as cardboard paper and foil. Wherever possible ministers also say they want to encourage recycling for waste that is currently incinerated the final details of any proposals will be revealed as part of the budget later this year The judge in the trial of President Trump's former campaign. Chairman Paul Manafort who said he's received threats and his are being guarded by. US marshals Mr. Manafort denies charges of Bank and tax fraud correspondent Kris Buckler reports from Virginia Judge TSL's went so far as to say that. He was personally surprised unconcerned by how much it had excited people's emotions in rejecting, a request by group. Of media

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