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Of. Snarled streets and stranded riders in Barcelona we got a report from correspondent Rhonda rock stra taxi, drivers in the popular Spanish tourist destination continued their strike protesting ride hailing apps like Uber and camouflage hundreds of hacks Proctor cabs in the middle of the ground via Saturday were some drivers spent. The night in their vehicles war intense the strike started Wednesday for judge decided to suspend the need for additional. Authorization, for ride hailing companies to operate meanwhile Uber. And suspended services after, taxi supporters assaulted several of their drivers Rhonda rockstar reporting the death toll from a strong earthquake that struck Indonesia's popular tourist island of Lombok today has risen to fourteen with one hundred sixty people hurt the quake damaged more than one thousand, houses and was felt in nearby Bali but no damage or casualties were reported their. News and analysis, at townhall dot com I'm Michael Harrington The US now has the highest maternal mortality rate of. Any developed nation Dr Charles Snyder and tells us about efforts to improve. Care after delivery US women are waiting until later life to have children in this may explain the paradox of more complications in pregnancy. Despite obstetric care, the American culture obstetrics gynecology is calling health insurers to support routine maternal ongoing care after birth rather than. Warm isolated visit this is Dr Charles Snyder reporting from Washington. Today of Sunday July the twenty ninth and it's a birthday for, some notable people, including, former Senator, Nancy Kassebaum Baker She's eighty, six, years old Actor Robert fuller. Turns eighty five former. Senator Elizabeth. Dole is eighty two Acura David Warner has seventy seven, candles on, his, birthday cake rock musician Neal doughty of. REO speedwagon seventy-two documentary maker Ken burns sixty five more on these. Stories at townhall dot com As your car Tune.

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