Massive wildfires are scorching California


News steps up to defend its White House. Bureau colleagues, his payback for Obama era As a member of. The White House. Press, pool FOX stands firmly with CNN on this issue of access. It's coming up after this My from NPR news in Washington I'm Janine Herbst in northern California the. Massive wildfire around reading continues to burn Sonia Hudson from member, station k. q. e., d. visited an evacuation zone for the car fire earlier today I've been driving around in evacuation zone near, reading and in that area the car fires burned entire hillsides landscapes completely blackened ashes flying. Around like snow. Flurries also in that area there's a, lot of homes that. Have been completely burned to the ground by the fire they're. Totally flattened there's lots of melted and twisted metal but the fires burn so randomly one house. On a street could be totally fine and the other could. Be totally burned to the ground and tens. Of thousands have been evacuated many are wondering when they'll be able to go home. Spokesman Chris Harvey says it could be, a while your safety and the safety of the fire in law enforcement cruise is number one and in order to ensure that safety we. Have to. Make sure all the roads continue to be closed and. Open only to law enforce And fire traffic. And that means that you're you're. Not likely to be allowed to go home anytime soon the fire is still only five percent contained jury secretary Steve Mnuchin says the economy. Will continue to see strong growth for the next several years, of you contrary to, many economists and here's Mary Kennedy reports figures released Friday show the economy grew four point one percent in, the second quarter the latest growth rate is the highest one in nearly four years and. On Fox News. Sunday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said to, expect more of the. Same we can only project a couple of years in the. Future but I think we're well on this path for several years he predicted four or five. Years of sustained three percent growth many economists are sceptical that. Current rates will continue though Federal Reserve officials. Told congress this month that they project GDP growth rates of under three percent next. Year and lower in twenty twenty and, the ongoing trade fight also has the potential to limit growth merit Kennedy NPR news Washington Dave before Zimbabwe holds historic, elections longtime former ruler Robert Mugabe gave a surprise press conference. At his mansion today supporting the opposition and fears ater Peralta. Has more Mugabe's sits on a green office chair in Zibo in the middle of his vast estate he's been here since the military forced him to resign in November and he lets it. Be known that he will not be voting for Emmerson Mnangagwa who staged what, he calls, a, coup, I That means Mugabe the. Man who ran the ruling party for almost four decades will be voting for the opposition Mugabe who violently squash. Dissent says he now hopes that Zimbabweans will be able to. Return to quote constitutionality people he says should be able to. Vote freely and fairly NPR news Herati and you're listening to NPR, news from Washington from news I'm Jeremy Siegel fire crews from across the state continued. To battle the massive, car, fire in. Shasta county the blazes scorched, more than eighty nine thousand acres killed five people and destroyed. More than five hundred buildings officials say the blaze is just five percent contained Danielle Vinton reports meteorologists are warning. Conditions could intensify later this afternoon on Saturday the layer of smoke, over the fire was so thick at shaded the fire from the sun cooling the ground and actually producing the intense and. Unpredictable Fire behavior but at a briefing this morning Alex, Huynh fire meteorologist for the car fire warned that clearer skies today could spell trouble Potential bird Asian Heard more Hoon's worried the fire could become what's known as, plume dominated meaning the power of the fire would be greater than the power of, the winds making it very hard to know how the fire. Will behave fire meteorologist will be monitoring the blaze throughout the day to advise crews as needed. In reading I'm Daniel. Vinton news the car fighter isn't the only wildfire burning. In California, in fact there are seventeen blazes across. The state Cal, fire spokesman Scott McLean says the agencies had to dole out more than a hundred fourteen million dollars on resources in the past month and with fire season coming early this year McLean says he expects those numbers. To rise it's gonna. Be expensive, I mean there's gonna be a significant cost involved just because of the activity we've been. Dealing with as far as these fires I mean like two months early The. Size of the amount of them. There's gonna, be, a big Bill McLean says well the amount of. Money Cal fire spending is large they do..

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