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Carbon Clark. Really let back the Panthers and strong play by Reggie prior to the Panthers willing themselves back into this ball game. Expecting a pretty exciting second half of play. And I think the coaches are ready for an exciting second half of play bay Wozniak with his team on the bench to the left me sitting next to his dad Pozniak in his brother on the other side, pick Wozniak bay Pozniak taking off taking off the jacket already feeling the heat here in the gymnasium getting ready for the action here in the second half of play in a little bit longer than normal team in the locker room talk it over and trying to motivate his squad they continue on with victory here. Both teams looking to get victory number thirteen on the season. The fall comes over to the scores table and good job. Fantino putting your ball to put a stop that ball before it hit us over here. Thirty seconds to go getting ready for order number three dot gymnasium Panthers defender home court and trying to keep their winning streak alive. They won eight games in a row finding themselves down right now by five points. Halftime is over. And we're getting set to begin second half of play. Vikings up twenty four nineteen you Panthers. Trying to come back here versus Angelus. Thank Joseph in the Viking leading scorers in that first half. Jaden the eleven points for the Vikings thirteen points per Garvan Clark. Going from whites to left on your radio. Dial via Viking inbounding the ball. Jordan Calhoun, bringing it up. And he's guarded now by Keyshawn over the Hamid ameet entry pass down low to Khalil mitchum Mitchell backup Popper NBA range three four for Koppelman getting his first three pointer tonight and fruit baskets in quarter. Number one rated that three from I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, definitely NBA range party driving to pay for the Panthers. Believe how wide open he found himself for his first bucket quarter number one as well. Four points on tonight for hardy twenty seven twenty one six point lead for the Vikings over the Panthers in her Mead. Being guarded by Garvan. Can they call it foul Garvan her reach in foul, but it's kind of fighting back and forth. And by vantage point, almost all that it's an offense of a immed- stuck his arm out into the Trump the Garvan Clarke today with pulled up government Clark Vikings inbounding the ball them into Calhoun. Over the Khalil mitchum. Inbound pats for the cutting Khalil mitchum basket at a night for Khalil. Putting the left block eight point advantage the Viking Dover. The panthers. Reggie prior bringing the ball up to three zone versus the Viking hardy driving the pain. Again, couldn't believe he found himself that wide open too strong on the. On the shot rebounded by Mario late strong. But then Keyshawn Teague offense support put it up and throwing the foul time for three point play opportunity, potentially first basket or night for Keyshawn teed senior we player for the Panthers. Twenty nine twenty three device with the lead over Euclid. But Keyshawn he tried to get his team back to within five points. Taking this time with three point or the free throw strikes charity line, Paul it. Sean dribbling the ball quite and put it up. To the back of the room. And would not go in rebounded by the Vikings. That ball did not want to go down Calhoun going the other way for VHA being guarded now by Keyshawn key looking for screen by complement passes. It over to me. Got a screen nightly by the biking number five traits. Jackson. Calhoun ends up with the ball too, strong and a three point attempt. Offense rebound, no the life here in the second half is Khalil mitchum puts it up strong. But he was fouled by the Panthers. Going to the charity stripe. Khalil mitchum point down. Tonight. The Vikings up twenty nine twenty three to six point lead with twenty two remaining in the third quarter of clay. And now it comes off the. Jacket of Wozniak rolling up the well getting into this one. Twenty two remaining with the game hitting that first of two free throws. Galil mitchum blue mitchum report on tonight. Thirty two twenty three the Vikings up by seven point. Mitcham agonise time putting it up in raining nothing but net on that second free throw them for the Vikings. So mitchum coming alive in the second half of play with all four baskets points. I should say on the night trail Alexander new basketball game now for the Panthers. Right. Over to teach on key driving a pain over the Mario late the Apopka Garvan Clark trunking at three point shot. Rebounded by Papa moon who wings it out to me. But winged it out of bounds. Went off the hands of how it's gonna be Panthers. Ball five fifty nine remaining in the third quarter of play thirty one twenty three. Panthers. Gonna inbound that ball checking back into the game for the Vikings Jona wag. Viking. Like do a lot of beaches keeping their players splash.

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