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A chilly Sunday morning. Eighteen degrees on the outside with a wind chill of seven looking for snow during the day today. Oh, let's do it officially here and get you up to date on the weather. The way we didn't do this. I, and that's my Clore Shalom America weather forecast is brought to you by Willoughby, self storage. Call today four zero two six nine three nine three nine. You're not gonna like the forecast because I don't like the forecast partly sunny this morning. That's good news. Then snow coming in in the afternoon with a hundred percent chance of snow. Look for cumulation of about an inch. Winds will be from the southeast at about five miles per hour with highs right around thirty three degrees tonight. Yuck. Cloudy with a chance of freezing. By the way. That's a very technical weather term. Yuck. Cloudy with a chance of freezing drizzle tonight than snow mostly in the evening with the additional accumulation of one to two inches tonight. And a trace of ice accumulation not as cool tonight with a low of twenty seven and a ninety percent chance of precipitation. We warm up a little bit tomorrow that soon. Good news, cloudy and a chance of snow and rain tomorrow afternoon with little or no additional snow accumulation chance of precipitation. Fifty percent winds from the east at five to ten miles per hour and your Monday, high thirty six snow and rain tomorrow night with a chance of freezing rain light snow accumulation lows in the lower thirty with east wins at fifteen to twenty miles per hour. Gusts up to thirty miles per hour. Chance of rain tomorrow night near one hundred percent and a low of thirty two Tuesday rain and a high of forty three overnight low Tuesday twenty six or the chance of snow. Fifty percent chance of snow on Wednesday with a high of thirty two again, currently eighteen with the wind. It feels like seven in beechwood. Yours. Shalom America weather forecast has been brought to you by Willoughby self storage.

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