Hours before UFC 234, middleweight champ Robert Whittaker pulls out of main event with hernia


Once again, a hernia forcing UFC middleweight champ, Robert Whitaker out of his title defence against Kevin gas delimit UFC, two thirty four that came just hours prior to their match up in Australia. Huge blow for Whitaker who was again forced to pull out of a title defense on home soil in February of two thousand eighteen is well also due to injury UFC president Dana white stay now you were just with Whittaker at the hospital. What kind of update can you give us about his health? He's in the recovery room. I was with his wife and his family. This is one of those freak accidents. Where the doctor said literally never seen this type of injury in a young person. This usually happens to old people as is bowel and his intestines didn't happen yesterday. After the fight. They think he's had this problem, and it's been going in and out. And it's one of those situations had it popped out during the fight. It could have been fatal for him. So this is really serious. Hopefully, we don't know exactly what happened with the doctor, hopefully, they popped it back in and sewed it up. And if that's the case he'll be four weeks. But this was this freak freak injury less than one percent are doctor here at the UFC who's been doing this for thirty years has never seen it ever and his in his career and not in a young person. It's usually in much older people's well, thankfully, it was caught before something even more dangerous happened. I'm certainly disappointing for him disappointing for Calvin gasoline as well were you able to speak with the challenger? It's disappointing for everybody. You know, I've I've only text with Calvin and talk to him. Talk to him when he gets here tonight. But yeah, obviously, everybody's disappointed gasoline later claiming that he should be champ. The non title middleweight bow between Israel and a Sonya Anderson Silva was the headliner and the undefeated New Zealander beat the old time. Great by unanimous decision. The Forty-three-year-old Silva MA coming up short his first appearance in speedway of twenty seventeen at a Sonya outlandish him. According to you FC stats sixty five to thirty four new UFC had announced the winner would next be in line to challenge for the one hundred eighty five pound

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