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Paperwork, and we finally get and we've gotten a lot of glimpses here and there on kind of how different quarters of gone, and I know you've to get some financials in the past. But this is the most in-depth look we've ever really gotten on all their finances their profitability a few other interesting things about the companies. We we've published financials before we did call out the fact that there were some adjustments made between the last few months as auditors probably dove deep and Astle out of questions. So. In actually, in some cases, there were improvements beyond what we initially reported during during the second and third quarters of last year. There was the Q one numbers actually got a lot worse. But the numbers are a bit better than what we reported. So, but it was fairly in line with that. And the surprising thing was that the fourth quarter of last year sign immense improvement over the fourth quarter of twenty seventeen. If those trends continue, that's very very good. We don't know if they can continue and there's been a price war that lift has been. Kind of starting up during during this period right now in the lead up to the IPO. But in general like given the amount of losses, given the kind of general negative sentiment that exists around those types of losses. The trend lines are positive like they are losing less money as a percentage of what they're generating. They're obviously still a lot of people who don't think they can be profitable. I'm one of those who think they can be it would come at a cost in terms of growth. But I think they have they have a lot more lovers than than people realize to make money. Let's take just like a broader look at what this company is right now in terms of its finances, which is a company that lost almost a billion dollars last year. I mean, there's really no way to paper the fact that that is a huge amount of money for any company to lose as it's going to be vetted by the public investing world. Yeah. And you know, who lost multiple billions? But again, I think there is there's always going to be you know, as we see with tesla. Netflix and other companies go public. There's always the tension between growth and profitability. And yes, it is. It is a lot of money to lose. There's no doubt that lift is going to be under tremendous pressure because it has much much lower market share than Uber. Uber has a lot of efficiency advantages and financial advantages as a result. So you can't paper over that. But. The

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