Michael Cohen faces accusations of lying at testimony


We found out today you remember Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, testified before congress and basically gave nothing. No, new information. Just testified. The Trump is a big Meany in a really bad guy will now it's come out that Michael Cohen met privately with the house intelligence committee, chairman democrat, Adam Schiff for ten hours to prepare for that testimony four separate occasions, ten hours of testimony Schiff who lives in California represents a district in California, flew out to New York to meet with Michael Cohen. Now, you have to wonder, okay. What what was he doing was? He I mean, obviously, he was coaching the witness. This is not good. That's not a good look for Democrats. Why did they do that? Because they knew it was going to come up empty, and apparently Adam shifts not a very good coach because ten hours of coaching later. Michael Cohen still looks like a schmuck on Capitol Hill. Still doesn't give you anything. So desperate. So now now they're launching investigations into the finances and the business and this and that it just looks so desperate because the the clock ran out for them. They said, okay, we're going to this Russia thing we're going to go as hard as we can with Russia. You can't go forever. Eventually people need you to put up or shut up you have to produce results. And now they've got nothing now the dog ate their homework, and it's a beautiful sight to behold, Michael Cohen, e we know he lied to congress. He was convicted of lying to congress. He's the first convicted liar to congress to be called back to testify before congress. And we know he lied there. Again, we know that he lied about not wanting a job in the White House. It's a matter of public record Saudi job in the White House. We know that he lied about not seeking part, and he did seek apart and matter of public record. They just end up with egged on their face. Being rebuked reprimanded by federal judge who has a good sense of Justice here, by the way, I hope Paul manafort's still gets pardoned. Not because what he did wasn't wrong. I'm of course, it was wrong. He's a lobbyist lobbyists tend to work with pretty crooked institutions and do kind of crooked things. But do you does anyone really believe Paul Manafort would be imprisoned right now, if he had not committed the real crime of helping Donald Trump become president, that's the crime. That's what they they knew that that was what he was being investigated what he's being prosecuted for and this judge I think in very fair way actually carrying forth. Justice said we're not going to throw away the rest of this guy's life. Because you don't like that he helped a Republican win the White House.

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