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LaToya Jackson Accused Michael of Crimes Against 'Innocent Children' in Resurfaced Clip; Later Retracted Claim


Michael Jackson sister la- Toya an interview she did in nineteen Ninety-three with MTV when this interview came to light listen to this sound it's pretty chilling again nineteen Ninety-three latoya Jackson. This is when she was on on tour. I must tell you that. This is very difficult for me. Michael is my brother. A great deal. But I cannot and I will not be a salad collaborator of his crimes against small innocent. Children. And if I remained silent. Humiliation at these children are feeling and I think it's very wrong. I have seen checks payable to the parents of these children. And I don't know if these children were apparently brought. The parents find life or not. But I have seen these checks, and I've seen these checks through my mother. She showed me these checks at Michael have reigned for great amount. And I'm met speaking pennies. Some are very very large. And this is my first time talking about it. And I never wanted to speak about it. I never wanted to say anything about it. But I think it's sad because I am a big to myself. And I know what it feels like and these kids are gonna be scarred for the rest of their life. And I don't wanna see anymore innocent small children being affected this way. I love Michael berry dearly. But I feel even more sorry for these children because they don't have a life anymore. They don't now you stop. And you think for one second. And you tell me what five year old man, it's gonna take a little boy and stay with him for thirty days and take another boy and stay with him for five days and a wrong and never leave the room. How many of you out there at thirty five years old? How many men are out here? Take little kids and do that nine eleven years old. I love my brother, but it's wrong. I don't wanna hurt I've been hurt by to my bottom molested me sexually. And I don't like it. I don't like the way it feels and to this day. This is my husband. He can belt I will not have a relationship with him because of that. But I love him dearly. But I cannot perhaps one day I will come to terms with the night. We'll be able to her now, I can't do it. And that's what I don't want to see happen to little kiss because I know it can heart. Oh. Now, she was on the outs though with that family at that time wasn't she? And she later retracted her allegations saying that she had been convinced to make them up by her then husband. These accusations were made after the father of a kid named Jordi Chandler thirteen years old accused Jackson of molesting his son. And there was a subsequent settlement. But it doesn't sound like la- Toyota's lying there. No. But it's really hard to tell. Because of the circumstances and the fat, and I forgot there was some there was bad blood. And also, and I forgot what they were accusing her of. But they were accusing her of something also. And when you get that emotional, and you're so angry at people that you've grown up with and that are your family. Sometimes you can say things that sound like you totally believe them. Yeah. Her mother. Why would why would the mother show her checks that they wrote to the parents of these kids, I don't know that whole family Toya? Mess. Look at this just a fresh hell being in that Jackson

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