End of free Cubs games on local TV: Team partners with Sinclair to launch regional sports network in 2020


No more free cubs games. No more free TV for the broadcasts. Right. Which which we kind of knew is going to be happening. I mean, this is something the cubs have been talking about for a few years now tried to seize all the momentum and all the crazy amount of money that's gone into TV rights fees for sports teams. They would they've said for several years they would launch their own pay-tv channel, which you know. And the decades of over the air broadcasts for the cubs. They've had only some of their games. WGN for the last several years. But of course, decades before that they were nationally on WGN America, and if grown such a large fan base over generations through that. But now they are they've struck a deal with Sinclair broadcast group to launch their own regional sports network in February of next year. And that's where the only place you're going to be able to see the cubs on TV locally through that network. It's called marquee sports network. And you know, now, they're challenges trying to cut deals with all the cable providers and satellite providers. Locally to to say, hey, will you carry our network and make sure you show it? And then then the question is, well, we'll consumers be willing willing to pay for it. And we'll do providers be willing to pay for it. And that's the next challenge for the cops

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