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All right. Lori Loughlin speaking of the college cheating scandal. So update from the hallmark network. Now, if you were fan a fan of the show when the call heart when calls the heart excuse me, Lori Laughlin a featured player on that show. Well, they're going to be bringing the show back to the hallmark network. And what have they done they have any out all of Laurie Laughlin from the already filmed scenes? Oh, wow. So they are doing a Kevin Spacey to Laurie Laughlin. Now, they haven't recast her character, which is Abigail Stanton. However, she just has been removed from any scenes upcoming season of when calls the heart. There's apparently a survey online for Lisa or ranch girl. Who was in fact Salifu played Blair. Lifetime's welsh. Oh, yes. Well shallow. I like that

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