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And East Asian studies specialists in North Korea at Tufts University, so let me ask you this. I'm thinking if I'm holding a summit the US ultimate goal is d- nuking North Korea, and that's not gonna happen from their perspective. And the ultimate goal for North Korea is to reunify and run the whole Korean peninsula, China, the US, South Korea Japan that nobody will ever allow that. Right. Not necessarily because if you think about it, you know, the United States abandoned, South Vietnam after fifty eight thousand American lives lost tens of millions of US dollars poured in and in the end, you know, many many decades later that seems to be the pragmatic the right choice, even so can the world live with a United despotic People's Republic of Korea where South Korea is no more and the Kim regime has full control over the entire screen. It's not a very attractive proposition who hot, you know, with time. From a pseudo philosophical perspective one can live with that. There are many risks. And we don't wanna go there, but is international community doing anything really to swore to that very unpromising future in the form of real meaningful. Sanctions enforcement against the policy. Konami of Kim. Young not really the United States is never enforced sank. Actions against North Korea. In the meaningful way except for pre one year period in two thousand seventeen the Trump administration deserves credit for being the first US administration to really try hard to enforce sanctions against North Korea. Thought

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