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Radio, they we're back with North Korea expert, professor sung Yoon Lee of toughs, and you use the term Trump on wittingly laid on the line heading into this. And you had it in the context of the future of South Korea, Japan security and a diminishing influence of the US in the region. What do you exactly mean? Well, if the United States team, South Korea expendable the way it did South Vietnam, which is a big hit because we know South Korea's a major country a major trading nation. We got troops there troops there. Yes. But if the US decides that in order to protect Americans at home on the mainland, which is of course, the first priority of any US government in order to avert North Korea's nuclear attack on US soil that it is the right move to withdraw troops. And to let the Korean people figure it out among themselves that is you know, if the US were ever to abandon South Korea as it did in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and also in nineteen ninety five then they will be a power vacuum. Probably which will work as an invitation to aggression by north Korea, North Korea will probably liberate the south that is completed communist revolution by taking over because I really believe it just doesn't have the stomach to fight. It's you there's been no war in the Korean peninsula for seven decades now, and it's. Almost inconceivable to the South Korean people that old wealth visible be lost. So rather than go to war against North Korea. I think of political settlement will be so we'll might end up like Hong Kong or South Vietnam where the economy would be allowed to thrive. Yeah. I think Kim Jong crackly win liberate the south without even firing a single shot while and this has been on North Korea's game plan. It's all stipulated in North Korean documents. That is first sue for a peace treaty with a US get the US out pesky Americans out of there, and then form establish a joint inter-korean parliament, and then have elections a few years later. And when you think about it South Korea's bigger twice the size of the north in terms of population. Twenty five million in the north fifty one million in the south, but in South Korea, the presidential candidate who wins eventually never goners more than fifty percent of the vote with one exception. It usually about thirty seven thirty something. So that means that they'll be South Korean candidates that will die with will with north the North Korean candidate fully twenty five million in the north will Kim Jong that there are many pro North Korean South Koreans to South Koreans who very favorably disposed toward the north living in South Korea. So really rational perspective came could win a nationwide pan peninsula election, stuns me. When you ask yawning, it's inconceivable almost thought that's the game plan could we engage should we be engaging North Korea's we're trying to or pushing for regime change or can you do both. I think at the very least the US can and should negotiate from a position of strength going back to the Obama administration in its effort to get Iran back to the negotiating table. It took three years all real tough sanctions enforcement trying to isolate Iran to make it feel the economic pinch just to get it back to the negotiating table, the US fine. The biggest Bank in France for repeated violations of US sanctions laws on Iran, and Sudan and Cuba's. Well, nine billion dollars nine billion with a B. The US find HSBC two billion dollars to German one point four five billion dollars. That's how you compel your target to behave. Not by summit hasn't entry. Should we be pushing for human rights improvement? Absolutely. Because unless North Korea becomes a bit more, transparent and less despotic. There's really no way to trust them North Korea. Lies about everything North Korea. Still claims that the US started a Korean war nine hundred fifty when everyone knows that it was a well prepared large scale invasion by the north. So human rights is certainly not irrelevant to nuclear diplomacy. The US should do a lot more in terms of funding radio stations and other

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