Lakers Head Coach Rumors: Rob Pelinka to Run Search for Luke Walton Replacement

Mason & Ireland


Luke Walton is out as the Lakers head coach it came down less than thirty minutes ago. What does it mean now, and where do the Lakers go from here, we get into it next ESPN, LA Mason and Ireland show Luke Walton is out as the head coach of the Lakers came down about half an hour ago. And Andy now. You cannot look for a president of basketball operations, but you have to have a coach. Yeah. And so they are officially in the market for a new head coach. And it'll be interesting to see if they go after anybody who currently has a job if they only go up, you know, because then it would necessitate maybe waiting till the end of the play offs like the guy would love them to get its Quin Snyder. But the problem is you'd have to give up an asset.

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