The impact of hearing loss

Second Opinion


Rudy is a seventy two year old retired electrocution he and his wife live alone in a small house over the past couple of years Rudy has become more isolated. He no longer sees his friends goes to the movies or watches TV. In fact, he met many of the diagnostic criteria of depression. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion in the exam room was I turned to reach for my stethoscope on the nearby counter. I kept talking to Rudi I realized though he couldn't hear me when I wasn't facing him. I turned back in asteroid if he'd noticed any trouble with his hearing reluctantly, he said he had but had ignored the problem because it made him feel old and he didn't want to wear a hearing aid. I tried to suggest that he might seem older without hearing eight people might think he was ignoring them or not paying attention. It was Helen Keller who was blind and deaf. Who once said that blindness separates people from things deftness separates people from people for people over the age of sixty forty percent of a hearing loss that affects the quality of their life. Hearing loss has a more profound effect on the quality of life, then diabetes, heart disease or thrice hearing aids can be life, saving not only extending the length of life. But also the quality of life. A recent study in JAMA showed that if people have an uncorrected hearing loss. There is a forty percent higher risk of depression. Also for people with a hearing loss healthcare costs or forty six percent higher. They have forty percent more hospitals ations, and they stay on average two days longer compared to those without a hearing loss. Unfortunately, hearing aids are will outside the reach of many Americans most people. Wait seven to ten years before they get evaluated for a hearing aid. And only thirty percent of people who could benefit from a hearing aid will ever get one a hearing aid cost between two thousand and four thousand dollars per year. And they're not covered by Medicare or many private insurances. Now, you might wonder why Medicare the insurance for older Americans wouldn't cover hearing aids will Medicare's forbidden from covering hearing aids. Because in one thousand nine hundred sixty five legislators considered hearing loss normal part of aging, and according to the thinking at the time, why would an insurance intended for diseases cover something that was normal. Well, the sales of hearing aids which require prescriptions have been enormously profitable for manufacturers. But as with other disruptive technologies the world is changing fast over the. The counter hearing aids are now available at a fraction of the cost and many are linked to smartphones. That also offer transcription and other services. It also seems that everyone these days has earphone sticking out of their ears and facing cool. So perhaps the stigma is also changing well Rudy ended up getting one hearing aid. That's all he could afford. According to both Rudy and his wife his life has changed radically for the better. He's back to socializing watching TV at normal volumes and going to the movies as for me. I am now far more careful to ask everyone. Whether they've had any trouble with hearing. This is Dr Michael Wilks with a second opinion this season unless notes from KCRW how does it feel to be like a girl plane in instrument of this? Well, how's it feel to be a man asking simple questions? I mean what? Had I said, no to this invitation from John Fahey, I would have for the rest of my life wondered what I had missed. We thinking about Billy Tipton it very interesting time because I don't know that young people and older people agree on the meaning of trends. I love you for the greatest, Sean. I love that. It is an unholy album made was holy methods. Hey, everyone. I'm just gonna hopper a music journalist and author and your host for season two of lawsuits. Unless notes relook at music's untold stories this season is packed. It's about legacies. How do they hold up? And how do they change over time disco say off the truly means beyond disco? Learn how decades on a sunken find new meaning something different than when it was written. You feel like it's up justifying women feel. Yeah. Now, fifty six, and it's freaking embarrassing embarrassing to seventeen years old. You can't just write it office being on. Here from pioneering women who've been written out of music history. I get there and producer says, no, no, no, we're not doing your music. We have a script here. And we want you to do the sound. Plus find out what happens when we apply. Our twenty nineteen politics to nineteen seventy four songs, we didn't think about it as we will all go band. We were out of the point. We just lived the music. The first episode of the season of loss notes arrives April twenty fifth. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts.

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