Kris Humphries says short-lived marriage to Kim Kardashian was '100 percent real'


It's been awhile since we've seen Kris Humphries on headline entertainment for sure location, but his the case today because Kris Humphries who's our hometown guy, of course, announced his retirement from the NBA today. So he is officially retired and he's reflecting on his career and his infamous seventy two day marriage. One Kim Kardashian. There are some interesting things he wrote a blog post for the players Tribune. And I've got a little excerpt for the irony of my career is that I finally figured out what kind of player I was when I got to the nets. I felt like I knew who I was finally, and then I met a girl who happened to be really famous, and I got married and damn look I should have known what I was getting into. I was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change. But the one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake. He goes on and says, there's definitely a lot about that world that is not entirely real. But our actual relationship was one hundred percent real when it clear when it was clear that it wasn't working. What can I say it sucked? It's never easy to go through the embarrassment of something like that with your friends with your family. But when it plays out so publicly in front of the world, it's a whole other level. It was brutal. Yeah. I get that. I get that. And remember they started dating and they were married like ten months later. Very quickly. It took nearly two years for their divorce. Get to be finalized. They were only married for less than three months. They had a massive wedding ceremony in front of the cameras August of twenty eleven and Kris Humphries goes on to say, I didn't know how to handle it. And this is where I think you can feel a lot of empathy for the guy. He says, I didn't know how to handle it. Because I never thought I was going to be famous in that way. I remember having this moment when I was getting booed so hard in Philly, and I thought to myself why exactly are they booing need? Just because I'm that guy from TV today think I was trying to be famous is it because they think I disrespected the game of basketball the last one killed me because all I've ever wanted to be known for was basketball. You know, I know I know a woman whose son was in that wedding. Okay. Really the KEA and they all had to sign disclaimers. Yeah. Yeah. But in Christianity brought all of them like Amelia's, suits the. Oh, yeah. Okay. And but the word that what she said was it was an Kim's family. They were a nightmare. Kris Jenner was beyond rude. They didn't they treated all the Minnesota people like they were just. Foreigners far far far away land that they weren't gonna extend any courtesy to. She said it was so every was everyone was just like. The Hollywood people and then the Minnesota. For me. It sounds terrible. He says there was about a year when I was in a dark place. He didn't wanna leave his home said he feel like I don't know the whole world hates you. But they don't even know why. And then he said Kris Humphries went on to say that after his split from Kim Kardashian. There would be times when people would be like, hey, are you Kris Humphries, and he would say, oh, no. I look like him. No. I'm Blake Griffin. Who's an NBA player? And this is where I think it's this is like the heartbreaking part is when he says, I didn't wanna be Kris Humphries. It's the craziest feeling in the world not wanting to be yourself. And I didn't even want to say anything to defend myself because it felt like I couldn't win. You can't go up against the tabloids. You can't go up against that machine. There's no point in even if I played that game I felt like it would be disrespecting the game of basketball saver. They were IQ couple. I never bought him for a second hall over Kim really had. She really she had her original face when she was Chris. Picture of the two of them together. So cute wearing this like pretty neutral dress, and she is. How this wasn't going to work. When she was hanging out on lake Minnetonka. I was like what is going on here. No, there is anything is going to happen here by

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