The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

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What surveillance capitalists are competing on our the quality of their predictions. Yeah. Because that's what they're selling to their business customers it began with a Connie's of scale. We need a lot of data. We need to feed the machines. A lot of data in order to get really good predictions. Okay. So we're getting a lot of data over were pulling all the data that we can find an online in the online world, then it becomes wait. Wait a minute. Volume is essential. But we need more than volume. We also need variety we need scale, and we need scope and to get that scope to get that variety. The diversity of data. We need to get out of the online world we need to also embrace the offline world, we need a mobile situation. Here's your phone put in your pocket right now off you off you go into the city into the park into your home into your car wherever you are those become new sources of of supply chains for us. Okay. Now, we're competing in the mobile world and the discovery occurs. Hold on a second. You know, data. Scientists talk about the shift from monitoring and capturing data to actually aiding actually effecting the device or the person in a way that actuates behavior and through. Actuated behavior, you set that behavior on a specific course that gives you even better basis for prediction. Right. So so you see this is the input. This is what's happening behind the veil before you get to that killer recommendation wherever it is. So behind the veil what's happening is we're looking for ways to actually nudge, tune heard human behavior through these subliminal cues that operate in the online and increasingly in the real world. So that we can channel behavior toward a certain direction. And once we know you're you're moving in that direction. Then the predictions that we can make are going to be even more powerful one of the tests of this that became preps. Most interesting, and we'll be familiar to our listeners is the augmented reality game, Pokemon. Go. Oh, which I consider to be another super scale population scale, experimental laboratory in how you do what I've just described. But now not in the online world in the real world in the world. We call real. Because what Pokemon go what was actually doing was monetize ING based on its own behavioral futures markets where people would go, exactly. So there were you know, pizza joints restaurants. Mcdonald's franchises all kinds of services stablishment retail places that were paying Niantic labs, which was the Google spinoff. Yeah. That produced an incubated Pokemon go while still inside Google, led of course, by John Hanky who is behind street view and behind that but before that Google earth. So they're paying my Antic labs for footfall footfall in the real world is the precise analogy to click through in the online world, grocery literally foot, traffic and fall is your body is in my store and your foot is falling on my floor talk.

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