OxyContin maker Purdue reaches $270 million settlement in Oklahoma opioid case


State attorney general Mike Huntoon has reached a settlement with one of the drug makers named in the state's opioid lawsuit. Here's Beth Myers. State. Attorney general Mike hunter will be in Tulsa this afternoon and will announce a settlement agreement with Purdue pharma, one of the biggest opioid manufacturers, the Oklahoma and reports that Purdue pharma will pay two hundred seventy million dollars to be dropped from the states lawsuit with most of the money going to the Oklahoma state university center for wellness and recovery in Tulsa, the state's lawsuit's still includes a dozen other drug manufacturers Purdue pharma faces hundreds of others similar lawsuits, and is considering bankruptcy as a legal option as he leaves the Oklahoma City council horseshoe. Dr Ed shebeen says he wants to council that continue making improvements in the best interests of

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