What Is the Mandela Effect?



Countless humans have watched the Star Wars movies. And most of them will tell you that the bumbling droid named see three PO is gold all over. But did you know that C three PO actually has won silver leg? And what's that immortal line? Darth Vader utters in the movie The Empire Strikes back. It's not Luke. I am your father. He actually says no, I am your father, a both of these are pop culture examples of what's called the Mandela effect which are false memories. Shared among a large population of people a collective miss remembering of sorts, the phrase was coined around two thousand nine by self-described paranormal consultant view on a broom who used it to explain the phenomenon where many people around the world believed that the South African leader Nelson. Mandela died in prison in the nineteen eighties. But he was released in nineteen ninety later served as president of the country and died in two thousand thirteen at the age of ninety five brooms theory is that at all. All times there are multiple realities of each universe. Sometimes called the multi-diverse and that within each universe. There are variations or iterations of objects people end events. So according to this theory memories of these. Incorrect shared moments are not really false. They're just instances where parallel universes crossed paths for an instant the multi theory is also applied to various concepts in physics and Spiderman. A science has other explanations for how the men della effect happens much of it boils down to the fact that human memory is notoriously unreliable in this hour age of digital technologies. We often equate our brains with computer, hard drives. As though our experiences are typed up in filed away in our own organic storage. However, our prefrontal cortex sees where many memories are stored don't work with the same precision as a hard drive. We spoke by Email with Caitlyn a moat a UCLA PHD candidate in neuro science. She says that based on what we know about the brain. We can make inferences about what contributes to the Mandela affect quote memories are organized in the brain. So that similar memories are stored in nearby neurons when a memory is recalled those cells are able to change their connections, which allows for the addition of new information, but because neurons that fire together wire together sometimes false memories can emerge from aronie is connections. Well, we might think of recalling memories as solidifying them in our brains science seems to suggest otherwise recalling a memory often triggers. Other memories in the process, often intertwining various scenarios and people in new ways a sort of reconsolidating of the information in our brains. Human beings are also vulnerable to the concept of confabulation, which is an error or misinterpretation regarding a memory without a conscious attempt to mislead ourselves or others confabulation occurs. When the brain is attempting to fill in the blanks for incomplete memories. A speaker may mix and match similar experiences and information in order to complete a story in their mind complete with details and emotional responses. Certain that the tail is true. This kind of behavior happens more frequently and people coping with neurological issues such as brain damage or Alzheimer's, but healthy individuals confabulation too. Okay. So that might explain how one person misremembered something, but why would lots of people misremembered. Remember the same fax a moat points to twenty sixteen psychology. Studies showing that eighty eight percent of people in an online survey incorrectly. Picked Alexander Hamilton as a US president from a list of possible candidates, Hilton's recognition rate was much higher than that of some actual presidents like Franklin Pierce and Chester. Arthur Hamilton was actually the first secretary of treasury. But since he's associated with many early US presidents and has a hit Broadway show with his name in the title one or many could be forgiven for mistaking him for a former commander in chief. A moat also notes the power of suggestion. She said suggest ability is the tendency to believe what others suggest to be true. This is why lawyers are prohibited from asking witnesses leading questions at suggest a specific answer. These days. There's also the viral power of the internet and its ability to magnify human error suggest ability and gullibility just for example, if one person should Pacific sleep claimed the actor Sinbad start in a nineties movie about a genie called ZIM and could pro- off her plot. Details that strike a chord with other readers? This could generate a false narrative that many people might believe to be true or even claimed her member themselves in actuality, the actor in the nineties movie about genie was Shaquille O'Neal, and the film was called Kazan. Experiments continually demonstrate just how flawed human memory can be in one test about thirty percent of subjects confirmed. They had viewed video footage of United flight ninety three which crashed as part of these timber eleventh terrorist attacks, no such footage exists. Even twenty percent of people with highly superior autobiographical memory that is incredibly accurate memories reported viewing the nonexistent video and outside of the lab examples of the Mandela affect are pretty common are the popular cartoon bears called the baron Steen bears or the baron stain bears. It's the latter. Something that shocks many people who remember reading these books as children and do you remember a famous portrait of England's king? Henry the eighth grasping Turkey leg. The so do a lot of other people, but it never

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