Races to continue at Santa Anita despite 23 horse deaths



Horse racing will continue at Santa Anita. That's today's decision by the California horse racing board which met at the Arcadia tracked to consider moving scheduled races to other tracks the story from KPCC's, Emily Elena. Doug, Dale, two thousand eleven to two thousand twelve seventy one dead racehorses here at San. Anita animal rights activists. Amanda lunberg stood in front of the board rattling off statistics. She and many other speakers advocated for a complete end to horse racing as long as there's horse racing horses are going to die, but the board decided to keep in any this current schedule setting progress with safety improvements at the track the board did take other action. They'll suspend certain horse medications like anti inflammatories across the state thin-. Need officials had already eliminated all race day medications at the park except for Lasix which aids breathing that too will be phased out by twenty twenty one the board's executive director. Rick Baker said protecting the animals not profit is the horse communities

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