Fighting Aging


You probably remember that centuries ago explored search for the fountain of youth, but never found it do. Modern sizes sten- any better chance of doing something about aging. Yes, they do on aging is complicated and involves multiple processes, but biomedical researchers are starting to understand some of them one is called cellular senescence Nissen's. What's that? When our bodies cells become damaged by the wear and tear of being alive or by stresses. They shut down the state of shutdown is cellular senescence. The senescence response can prevent damaged cells from becoming cancerous and multiplying out of control. But senescence cells can still cause trouble. They produce compounds that damage surrounding tissue the body's immune system destroys senescence cells, but it becomes less effective as we age senescence cells accumulate and do harm what kind of harm. Researchers have. Linked elevated numbers of senescence cells to osteoperosis frailty atherosclerosis arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer. I wonder if they're away of taking over the immune system and killing off senescence sales with this prevent those diseases and extend the lifespan, researchers have found substances called Senna lyrics that may do exactly that biomedical. Researchers studied there affects in mice because mice are physiologically similar humans. They succeeded in using similar substances to extend mouse, lifespans by as much as twenty five percent, that's extending human lifespan from eighty to one hundred years in two thousand eighteen scientists identified ascetic called Fisons, which is found in many kinds of fruits, especially apples, and strawberries, it has excellent prospects for use in humans moment of science comes from Indiana University. I'm Don glass, I NIA Cassandra.

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