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What we do on like the police we're like NASA the uniform came from NASA because I was looking for uniform my first uniform was swat because I was favorite shows in the seventies the black vans, and I'd fix this ice cream companies computers, and so they couldn't pay their Bill, and I said, I'll take to your ice cream trucks. I painted on black because I was one of my own swat truck. So then I put people black jumpsuits black combat boots and black like fanny packs without a floppy disk in a moment's notice. But the promise it scared the crap out accustomed from showed up. So it's important to be creative. We also know kinda when to tone it down. So then Apollo thirteen came out in ninety six and I'm sitting in the theater watching this in brought back all these memories. Of the scenes of mission control during the Pala launch. When we watch science films in class. And I always thought that NASA was the coolest thing I'd ever seen an asses the alternate symbol for teamwork problem solving doing the impossible, you know, together as a group, and

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