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Your fan base and your team with Kerr collar Murray coming in the same division with a guy. We should be calling. Suzy's the pick. Todd. I'm calling Russell Wilson. Thank you, go. But residuals you get with movie, Russell Wilson key, this whole thing. And I think certainly Kingsbury did being head coach. So he wasn't. He wouldn't be the number one pick by Russell Wilson in that division with golf and Garoppolo. Now, you got excitement because he fits what I and king's birthday. Well, I've won with other guys that were Rosenblatt. This is the NFL it's not college. So when you're going to do with you're going to do from a schematic standpoint blocking scheme scam point you'd better have a quarterback who can move and for rose. And I think what tells me I'll try to bring some common sense into this a little bit. If Rosen you're trying to trade is only bringing a second round pick. Then tell you something right there that you know, you're not you may not get. I that's what you're hearing. If it is. It's fifteen thirty two is not top ten. So again, if you know, and that doesn't mean, it's right. But Rosa was polarizing last year, and he still is. So if you're in Arizona cardinal fan, and you're saying, hey, they only want to give us a two for my quarterback. I gotta take Murray. And again, you said the thing is is kings. Going to make the call. If you hire cliff Kingsbury who got fired by Texas Tech and we had an offensive coordinator job at USC. There's an a. And he's not he's being upcoming a head coach in the national football. You better give him the final authority making the final call on. What quarterback? He feels is the best quarterback for the next say ten twelve years, and he feels it's Cuyler Murray, which you have to believe he will. He's got to have the the authority and power to make that call. Yeah. He's not a defensive guy. He has not proven to be a good CEO. I'm not saying he was a bad one. But he's not proven to be a great one. What you hired him to do. Cliff? Kingsbury is bring his offensive mind to the organization, and if his offense of mind is telling you throughout this process Cuyler Murray's my guy, we can win with Cuyler Murray. We have a much better chance with Murray than we do Josh Rosen. Then you've got to do everything in your power. If you're kind the general manager to move Rosen out and get Cuyler Murray to become the first overall pick in this year's draft. All

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