The Dangers Of Methane


Here's a riddle for your dial. What do one hundred thirty six thousand cows and glacier flowing from an active ice-covered volcano have in common. They both move really slowly I was thinking about the fact that they both release about the same amount of methane per day. At least miss warm out. Scientists calculated that the salt may have cooled glacier in Iceland, which flows from the volcano Cutler releases up to forty one tonnes of methane from Meltwater a day during the summer months. That's a little too specific to make a good riddle on. But that is a surprising amount of methane for microbes to produce beneath the ice. Researchers think the volcano might be helping I the heat from the volcano might be increasing waterflow under the glacier moving the methane out faster. And Secondly, the volcano might be helping the methane stay methane usually when methane comes into contact with oxygen. It's converted to receive to buy methane consuming microbes so in Milwaukee, which has a lot of dissolved oxygen molecules comes into contact with a glacier bed. The methane the microbes produce there is converted to carbon dioxide, but when Meltwater Meese assault who glacier bed it also encounters gases from the volcano those guesses reduce the amount of oxygen in the water. So the methane remains methane as it dissolved in the water and flows out of the glacier fr. From where it can enter the atmosphere and function as a potent greenhouse gas is land in an article or full of his glacier, covered volcanoes. So it's something to keep an eye on. In the meantime, the microbes are complaining this moment of science comes from Indiana University. I'm Don glass and Cassandra.

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