Why Phil Mickelson told country singer Jake Owen to 'go f*** yourself'


That Mikkelsen store? You were telling us during the break that was so great because. Stugatz loved rolling through that Mikkelsen story because this is exactly how you would imagine that Phil Mickelson would find himself. I I don't know of this is true. I don't know if it's been confirmed anywhere. Oh, it's got to be true. Right. Yeah. No, it's true Nicholson has confirmed that Jayco and was performing Jordan speaks wedding. Phil Mickelson was invited to the wedding Jayco in country music star was railing against Phil Nicholson saying. Hey, yo only thirty dollars for that event. You in tiger did which was some of the worst golf I've ever seen in my entire life and the pay per view wasn't working. Mickelson was was getting offended speed. And some of the getting offend. Yeah. They were having some laughs though, like speed and Rickie Fowler guys. Like that. So Mickelson pulled out one hundred dollars and upon handing it to Jayco and said I won ninety thousand of these yesterday. Go yourself. Now, Owen dole the story Mickelson confirmed. That is that is lefty. Yeah. I mean that is left the at his

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