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It up, and you and I talking while Duke Michigan state is going on. So now we've talked every day. I said Sunday as twenty there. Oh about that about the whole, you know, Duke, Michigan state was going on you know, with with. It's not me. It's the suits, Stu. I mean, that's what it is. You know, they ask fulltime employees of ESPN. You know sports trivia tests that they they know sports. I know you you've gotten in from the radio side and through all things Miami and lebatardshow but button around the horn, panelists as we know them have to really pass them sports trivia tests. So I know we were watching the game we were chopping it up during Duke Michigan state, but well, this I'll give you a test right now for when this comes if you wanna be on around the horn on the regular, you know, they're gonna ask trivia, so so it just breakdown Texas Tex roster and run to the final four if you can just real quick just so just so the the suits were listening to this know that you know, you can bring it. All right. So listen this guy Culver. I'm telling you, man. I've it saying it all year, and he is a top seven top eight piggies a lottery pick in the NBA something I've heard some people say. They think he's going to be a lot better than RJ Baronet of Duke, by the way, when you hear these things Bilas Greenberg, you know, all the regulars, and then I will tell you what they had. And no one thought they had this. They have experienced guard play their two nations on defense and crispier d-. I'm telling you, what are the most underrated coaches in America. And I said it before the tournament started. Jody don't be surprised if the red raiders make it to the final four and here they are. And here's another thing. I'm telling you right now. What is in Chris Beard's future is eventually he will be driving in his car, and what will be in his rear view mirror is the Lubbock Texas. That was the analysis. I. So great. We had this conversation. Two days to get. Now. It's still corrects me up. They have a pies on on their teams Ave. Moded to hear the the music in the in the words when you say that kid came from bologna, Italy, right? Got off a plane in Lubbock, Texas and thought this is America right here. I had a place to eat his first day coming off the plane from bologna Italy He's love. in Lubbock, Texas. He ordered spaghetti. It came out Ag noodles and ketchup believable. Believable. I feel Texas Tech team. And you're right. All Chris tiered and the boys, and, you know, really, you know, spread the floor, and whatever you said, which was brilliant, absolutely brilliant point

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