Florists Fear A 'No Deal' Brexit Would Wilt The Flower Business


Support for this NPR podcast and the following message. Come from the UPS store, offering services from shredding to printing to mailbox ING and instead of closing this holiday. The UPS store is doing another ING altogether. Opening the UPS store every ING for small business. And of course shipping. Valentine's Day is huge for florists around the world. But in the United Kingdom the risk of crashing out of the European Union next month has cast a shadow over the industry mini shops, fear their lifeline to flour supplies in Europe could be severely disrupted. NPR's? Frank Langfitt reports from the English town of Whitney. Roseanne Ashby's wrapping up a bouquet of roses and lilies at our shop Rosa flowers in Oxfordshire near part of a wide selection of flower. She offers most of which come from the same place. These all come from Holland. The least come from Holland and the croissant. Spreaker sounds come from Holland up until now the flowers have flowed seamlessly across the border because the UK's part of the massive you single market, but the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the U late next month, and there's still no deal on how to keep trade flowing. We're very worried we don't know what's going to happen. Twenty nine government. Don't know nobody knows. And I worry is. When will we get the flowers? What price will they tariffs? Go on. The government insists the majority of you plants and flowers will continue to enter the UK without health checks, but businesses of all sorts are worried about an ideal Brexit so have been filling up warehouses across the country with everything from auto parts to ice cream in case trade slows dramatically Ashby's industry. Doesn't have that luxury. We can't have a contingency plan. The cat stop piler goods because the fresh flowers. We're only a small business coming up to twenty second Valentine's. It's so sad abroad. Moves pope, an odd share the British frost association here in the United Kingdom wills. Pope who spoke over Skype says Ashby's plate is typical eighty percent of our flout. She come from Holland. So they come by the Eurotunnel or ferry and wills pope says that dependency developed over decades, while the UK has been inside the you now poses a threat to flower-sellers here. We are looking at something which is unprecedented in the forty years that we mean po- single market because has tons involved the English growers of soda up and initials of being built on and more more, but options being to homes regen, San no, no, no. Back in Whitney, one of Rosa Ashby suppliers arrived from Holland today's Barry, snapper, and he's just come through the channel tunnel with his refrigerated semi packed with flowers. Ashby and snapper haggle is they have every Wednesday for at least the past six years. I asked Napper what he fears most from a no deal. Brexit all the extra gypsies import duties charges waiting at the tunnel. Eurotunnel to to come across. It's never says that would force people like him to raise prices, which he thinks shops. Here will have a hard time passing on a lot of people will struggle to sell flowers to the public people. Well, they're still going to buy foods and everything, but they can skip the flower. How important is the UK to your business? I only supply today UK two moments. People say to me, do you want to expert to another county, but I think coming over for over twenty years to Britain. And yeah, it's too difficult. Think to go to another county now some snappers clients Valentine's Day orders are now, which they attribute to Brexit uncertainty snappers been trying to calm their fears. I always say the same affording, the February it's men and they come in Las minutes. And that's the same story every year. It's always on the bay itself today after British flower shops are planning ahead. They're ordering early for mother's day. Which in the UK falls on March thirty first two days after the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the U. Frank Langfitt, NPR news, Whitney England. This message comes from NPR sponsor. Comcast business. Business has always been driven by innovators. That's why Comcast business is helping you with technology that provides better experiences. Comcast business beyond fast.

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