Adults are the only ones who fell for the Momo hoax


Invited. Taylor ends from the Atlantic magazine to come into our offices and watch this video with me. Yeah. I saw this before. Mall gonna kill you. So what happens in this video to physically? There's this little girl. She's really cute. She's swaying back and forth. And she's singing this song. Like mama's gonna kill you. If you see hill in the hallway see will kill you, mama. Momon isu- kill you. That's it. This little girl. She looks like she's in a school uniform. She's clutching a stuffed animal, I think it's a great FOX with the big pink bow on it. This is my six year old almost seven year old daughter. That knows all the words to the song because she has seen it on YouTube. And then the mom kind of filming pulls away, and is basically like this is the warning to all parents, tell your children not to listen. That's right. We know that Momo can't hurt you. Right. That's right. I mean, when I even as I cannot help it role is at this point. I have all these crazy messages from parents this week telling me like Nomo is real she actually hacked my child's Facebook page, and it's like, no, she there's that's not even a thing over the last few months Momo has become a kind of internet boogeyman a creepy face spliced into YouTube videos for kids with bulging eyes, a stretched out smile. Pictured a little girl from the ring with exaggerated features parents in some of these videos, avoid dares kids to harm themselves or harm others. They call it the Momo challenge I've seen these types of videos for over a year since it first went viral over a year and a half ago about you publish an article basically saying MoMA was a hoax. Yeah. Well, it's I mean, it's an urban legend might be a better word for it. It's not real. It's like slender man or something. Tillers Momo's hoax because there isn't any evidence that kids are actually following Momo's instructions just a lot of freaked out. Parents it's crazy. How many people just flat out will not leave it or they not believe that. It's a whole not believe that it's a hoax and not believe that. There aren't you know, hundreds of children committing suicide over this like there's just no way to tell them that it's not real. And they'll say like I have sources inside Google. And I'm like, I actually do have sources I I actually talked to YouTube on regular races. It's my entire beat. And I'm telling you, this isn't real. And by the way, here's the Genesis of it, and they don't wanna hear it. But even though the Momo challenge isn't real Taylor says the fear that animates it that is, you know, it's sort of like it's ten pm where your children, you know, what I mean? But it's like, it's mpm. Like, do you know, what your children are watching on YouTube? It's actually like this evil creature. That's trying to get them to. Commit suicide just a stranger dangerous stranger danger. Exactly. And I think it also kind of explains parents fear of these platforms, which actually aren't affair is in very real tangible ways.

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