Hannah B. plays 'who'd you rather' on Ellen

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This is a staff that is addicted to the bachelor. I mean, I just have never seen anything like it. It's just it's it's like a phenomenon so much. So that we have our own bachelor recap show on Ellen tube. Featuring a number of our staff members, I'm working very hard to make the bachelor recap show its own podcast. That's that's on my jets. Great. Are you on your watch list? We have good access to that show. Yeah. And and so, you know, we're all up on Colton is. And the fact that Colton divergent and they jumped over the wall jumped over the wall which led to him. And then we didn't elaborate clip of what happened after he jumped over the wall. And then we sure there was a woman named Cassie. I I know about thirty percent of what I'm saying. And long story short the next bachelorette is going to be Hannah be which apparently shocking news a lot of people. Right. Yeah. And also, you learn when we informed when we had Hannah be on the show, our studio audience did not know a that we had. Hannah be right. Be that Hannah. He was the new bachelorette and the audience reaction. I mean, they love her. They love unbelievable. My goodness. They vary site area excited at the notion. I was amazed at how comfortable she was like in the chair, you know, she really twenty four year old can't four years old. And she's ready. She says she's ready for marriage. I got married at twenty eight was I ready probably not. As you're listening. We also we played the game. Who'd you rather? So that we try to we put two men on the screen, and she has to pick the one that she would keep who she'd rather dot dot dot and an it's just it's it's awesome. She had a very specific type. Yes. Yes. And to her credit she stayed true to that type. Amen, mary. So you're going to date thirty minute once. So we thought we'd get an idea of what you're looking for. We're gonna play a game it's called who'd you rather? And we're going to show you two images of men and you'll say who'd you rather? And then we'll finally find the person you would rather do it with than anybody else. Okay. All right. Let's see the first two. Oh, that's a tough one. Oh, okay. Michael B Jordan's really attractive in creed. When he's all sweaty and stuff right that front. That's rough and. Yeah. Zaka high school musical like mine. Yeah. Yeah. He also plays Ted Bundy, which is creepy. He's he's really good in that too. By the way, and Michael Jordan is also good looking not sweaty. All right. Zach front or Bradley Cooper. No question. Bradley, brad. Okay. Bradley and it stars born Bradley Cooper because I don't know. There's I have a problem. I think I like people that look like they haven't bathed but smell like they have. Yeah. That's what I liked. It seems to be a thing because you like to Michael Jordan sweaty. And you want him to look like he hasn't bathed. All right. So you get out the alcohol and right? Okay. Good. So Luke, Bryan shoot. Okay. Well, I'll country music, and he can shake it for me any day. All right. All right, Bradley. Oh, we're still with Bradley. Okay. Bradley or Ryan Gosling. Oh my gosh. Now, the audience has delimitation. That's him in the notebook when he hasn't slept and have it hasn't bay. Oh, you know, you remember that scene? Okay. But still, Bradley, okay. Let's see who else. Chris pine is is but he's looks like he's just freshly bathed. Yeah. He does. I mean, the five o'clock shadows cool. But yeah, he does look kind of clean, and it's not playing. Okay. So let's get rid of the clean. Idris. Oh, yeah. You know, he's kind of wise for me. But he's very good looking and has a nice body. Yes wrong. Yeah. He he's probably clean too. Yeah. Oh, he's very clean. Yeah. Spicy clean. Okay. Jackson Cooper, to wise and to clean, okay. Oh, no. Oh, everybody. Oh, hi to who. Are we going to do it? We're all in so much. He can move. And he can't do you? Would you rather? Yeah. Yeah. That. Yeah. He can move. Still the derby one.

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