McCabe's lawyer says criminal investigation into him continues


We've also learned. Andrew McCabe authorized, the FBI to investigate whether Jeff Sessions misled congress this guy apparently McCabe was out of control. I think Andrew McCabe is a very bad, man. I mean, just speaking as a straight up and down observation he is a very bad, man. Not only was this guy. Plotting a bureaucratic coup after Komi was fired. And that cool was to protect the conspirators. He was trying to overthrow the presidential election. Even before Komi was fired. Mccabe was was was in on all of this along with struck strokes Merck being dispatched to Europe to to talk to people. It turns out that he also authorized a criminal probe of the attorney general Jeff Sessions. Mccabe was out of control. 'em. He has yet to receive the jussie smollet treatment. If I'm Jesse Smolen is going to be said, what did I do wrong this guy McCabe out there profiting from the hoax that he perpetrated and still getting away with and is still leading. He's out there to write a book. He's being interviewed by the same media. That's castigating me. Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of sessions. Nearly a year before sessions fired McCabe for what sessions called a lack of candor McCabe oversaw a federal criminal investigation into whether sessions was dishonest when testifying before congress about contacts with Russian operatives. Do you know what sessions contact with Russian operatives wasn't this? Why his recusals so ticked off Trump? He was at a reception that he didn't even remember and the Soviet ambassador. Sergei Kislyak who was anywhere. There was food. Apparently, all this guy did was go to buffets. He went to lunch. You went to buffets. He went to receptions, he happened to be in a reception once in sessions was there. And he spoke to him this ambassador user, it's a pleasure to talk to you today. Nice to meet you too coming in Lebanon, shoot the garbage over whatever's going on in Al Franken hears about this and brings the question up during sessions confirmation hearings. And says, well, I did talk to a Russian I have to admit that I read I got to recuse myself from the investigation, so McCabe, here's this and he wants to tear into sessions for lying about this. This tire FBI under Andrew McCabe was totally out of control and this guy profiting from all of this continuing to lie out there on this book tour. Where is the institution standing up and calling him out like the police superintendent in Chicago today called out jussie smollet? This is exactly what I mean. When I say, our institutions are failing us, the F B I itself did not even act as a backstop against against McCabe other than to fire him. But as hasn't stopped him. He's continuing to run away lying head off talking about Trump's still being a Russian

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