Bears will release kicker Cody Parkey at the start of the new league year


Let's talk about the Chicago Bears. They are going to release Cody parkey at the start of the new league year sources confirmed ESPN today. Sources are we are we surprised I mean, I don't think this is a surprising move. I think I think that the the timing of it the way that it just kind of came out of the blue from Ian Rapoport tweeting it out confirmed by Adam Schefter. So now, it's basically official until they do it. The league year starts in the middle of March. That's when the the free. Agency, period begins teams can sign players teams can trade players and teams can release players. And one of those players will be Cody parkey, it's going to cost the bears on the dead cap. Five point five point one five point one almost five point two million dollars. So they're going to basically have to pay to kickers next year. You're going to have to pay Cody parkey to go away. And then you're gonna have to pay whoever ends up being the bears kicker whether that's someone that they draft hopefully, not or someone that they sign whether it's veteran, whether it's an undrafted free agent, weather, whoever it is they're going to have to pay to kickers the article on ESPN dot com says parking miss eight field goals, including a forty three yard kick. That would have beaten the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the playoffs. We know that with his first season with the bears the bears signed parking for a four year four year deal including nine million dollars guaranteed last March bears coach Matt Nagy express disapproval with park Parke's decision to appear on the today show five days after missing his final attempt after. Filadelfia? The NFL network was first to report that parkey will be released from the Chicago Bears. So that's dot com and Abdali, you're right. Like it's not a surprise as a bears fan. I think we all saw this coming and you're right. They're going to have to pay to kickers again not much of a surprise because we all saw this coming the thing that I want to see is allow someone to win this job this summer, right? Undrafted rookie guys who are out there on the street right now have a kicking competition this summer in training camp allowed the guy to win that competition and that will be your kicker heading into the season. I don't want to spend any more big dollars on a kicker now. That's just my philosophy. I'm Chris black. And that's what I do if I'm running a football team. I don't spend on kickers. That's just why do I also don't draft running backs in the first round. And that's how I run my organization, and I continued drafting quarterbacks until I find the guy that's how I would run things. So I get it that Ryan pace has. Messed up. I'm glad that Ryan that Cody parkey will be gone, but let's not mess up again and pay big time for a kicker whose unnecessary. Let's just find someone who can get the job done probably at the league minimum. And let's go on our merry way. Because in all reality. I know what a lot bears fans are going to tell us is the reason they didn't win the Super Bowl this year. Was Cody parkey. And I think that that's not correct. I think the reason you lost that eagles game is because that kick did not go through. But you also had opportunities where you could win the football game. And not put it in your kickers. Put you see what I'm saying? So the bears have many opportunities going forward to be a very good football team. And I think overspending on a kicker after this mess up by Ryan pace in in signing, Cody parking in the first place. Let's not compound this issue. Let's just find the guy in training camp. And let's go forward as bears fans. Yeah. I think the reason that you lost that game is because Cody parkey had to make three. Kicks to set up that fourth kick. Right. And then Mitchell Trubisky didn't get his blank together until the second half of the game. And then drove them down the field in what should have been a game winning drive. And then ultimately you the team's effort was placed on Cody parkey. I'm not gonna sit here and let you slander Mitch Trubisky tonight Abdala the defense also had an opportunity to stop. Yeah. Did who is not a outstanding quarterback zone? Right. Like the bears defense. The best defense in the league could have shown up in the fourth quarter in stop the eagles. Offense, thus negating the necessity of Cody parkey to even have to make a kick out the end opportunities to beat the eagles in that football. Here's a will. Appease the fan base. You've already done the first thing you've cut Cody parkey, check, right. The next thing is not don't answer to the cries of the fans and say go sign Robbie gold Ella. Rodney gulp. Ravi builds. Great kicker. Great kicker. Wasn't a good kicker when he was cut by the bears. But ultimately said that's what he needed to get back. So don't call up and say, well, he was he he's being great. They would've won. No, they wouldn't have if they wouldn't have ever if they would cut him. It's a cutting him for him to go back and figure out a new to readjust his kicking to figure out a way to get right again. And he did. And now he's good kicker again. He's also gonna be expensive. So don't spend that money. Don't spend an extra five million dollars that extra nine. Dollars or whatever signing Ravi gold. Go find next Ravi gold. Spend the minimum like you said don't draft either. No don't be drafting kickers. We're not drafted running backs in the first round. Have a whole lot of traffic in this strap. We shouldn't be you shouldn't go out and try to draft a kicker because you have to address other issues on this team. And that's going to be done with those draft picks you find the undrafted free agent. You hold tryouts. You do whatever you do make it a Disney movie. I don't care. Find a kicker and find a way because you don't will. Appease the fan base ultimately

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