Angels' Mike Trout prefers not to negotiate new contract during spring training or regular season



Two more seasons as an angel for Mike trout. Okay. So he is under contract for two more seasons. Yes. So that that brings push into this whole thing might trend has been nothing, but loyal and and supportive of the angels. But he has also said I will not renegotiate in spring training, and I will not renegotiate when the season starts. So that basically gives the angels if they want to renegotiate November December. That's they've got might try to seen. What the Phillies have done. They got Harper real knew they got McCarty in. I think the Phillies are calling him home. I'm never gonna go over on this. I can't push because only wilbon pushes. So I will go under. I'm going to go over Arte. Moreno you really think the owner of the angels is going to allow a generational talent. Like might trout to leave. I understand you can say New Jersey close to Philadelphia. The hope that you really think player like that is going to leave the -fornia due to go play for the Phillies who just signed star player because look how great they would be at hog Phillies. The hot Tinari wants to go. The Red Sox to Vars. This is tem Harper and go to his home. I didn't. All

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