Coal ash contaminates groundwater near most U.S. coal plants: study


Meanwhile, Trump is out there talking about how wonderful coal is. And we need to expand coal, and we need to build more coal plants, and we need more coal miners. When in fact, coal like, not good stuff. Oliver millman writing for the guardian. Nine out of every ten coal plants in the United States with report data have have contaminated nearby groundwater, and this is no small thing. They're contaminating the ground water from this is from the coal ash from the waste that the coal plants produce. We literally have. Hundreds of millions of tons of this stuff. The average American coal plants produce one hundred million tons of coal ash a year. And they store it. There's two billion tonnes right now stored in the United States. And you know, what's getting into the groundwater? I mean, this is literally all over the United States of the two hundred sixty five US power plants, monitor grandma groundwater, two hundred forty two of reported unsafe levels. Of the following, pollutants arsenic, which causes cancer multiple types of cancer and lithium which is associated with neurological damage. Nine out of ten coal plants, coal coal-fired power plants. I mean, this is crazy.

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