Pro wrestler King Kong Bundy dies at age 61


And one of the biggest professional wrestling stars of the eighties and nineties I born and raised in south jersey has died. The story. At six four four hundred fifty eight pounds King Kong Bundy was larger than life. The toughest individuals. I had ever seen in the ring that's longtime wrestling journalist, author and podcast host Bill after talking about Bundy his real name Christopher Allen palace. He was born in Atlantic City. According to nj dot com. He's in one thousand nine hundred seventy four grad of Washington township high school in Gloucester county where he won a couple of regional wrestling titles. He rose to prominence in the WWF during the eighties. Pro wrestling, boom. His biggest moment taking on hulk HOGAN in the main event of wrestlemainia to his character was a healer a bad guy. And after says, you could always feel his presence what you saw on the rain was the same guy that I saw outside the ring the cause of death hasn't

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