Winners and losers from the NFL franchise tag deadline


The best of both worlds 'cause you're not breaking the bank for a guy who's still valuable you get keith him and as a team yeah it's the right way demand dramatic but if you're blunt you wanna you know you got your back called a yet though i called the blood if your ballot you want more guaranteed money for doing what you do yeah i'm with you i get it i totally get it other other guys obviously we told you that cal fuller was given the franc or excuse me the transition tagged by the bears the rams have used the franchise tag on lamarcus joyner their safety not sammy watkins the jaguars also did not use the franchise tag on alan robinson the carolina panthers have agreed to a new deal with kicker graham gonna know they were going to franchise him they said no to grow and former jagr's running back chris ivory has signed a twoyear deal with the bills dolphins owner stephen ross tries to clarify his stance on the national anthem a day after saying that all players on his team must stand for the anthem next year ross clarified his comments saying he would not force players involvement during the starspangled bang banner ross told the new york daily news yesterday that all their players will be standing and then decided that diet misconstrued right iif they weren't misconstrued i think he backed off of that when he got the blow by don't you think probably so steve kerr has spoken out about what he believes the nc aa in the nba should do with regard to one in don's and kind of the insularity topics involved in he says the ncaa should lead undrafted players returned to school i agree with him said players who leave college early for the nba but go on drafted should be allowed by the nc aa to reduce returned to school the reason he can is because once you sign with an agent you're no longer eligible i'm i'm gonna steve kerr if you had to go back to school if you choose right i'm four that too but how may that's a very small group.

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