EPA holding public meeting on West Lake landfill clean-up


Dollars a month for three months for a total of thirty thousand dollars a big crowd is expected as the epa meets with the public to talk about the proposed partial dig up of radioactive waste at the west lake land fell done chapman to the group gest moms says many will call on the epa to dig deeper than just 16 feet down on february first the epa announced plans to partially remove nuclear waste from the site leaving open the possibility of where the waste should go a weather more waste might be dug up below sixteen feet the meeting is set for tonight at six thirty at the machinists all on st charles rock road and bridged and you can armed beer institute president kim that grevi to the long list of those who don't like president trump's proposed tariff on imported metal from at least are numbercrunching did will mean a three hundred and forty seven million dollar tax on brewers of american beer he says sixty percent of beer sold in the us comes in cans made from imported aluminum which faces a ten percent tariff hike to mcgreevy was a guest on the charlie brennan show a federal judge in san francisco is spreading the next week determining how hundreds of lawsuits against creek corps based monsanto will continue judge vince gebriel is presiding over nearly three hundred cases affecting seven hundred plaintiffs the claim the active ingredient in round up weedkiller causes cancer bloomberg reporter joel rosenblatt is in san francisco but the judge it evaluating is whether or not deed expert that the plaintiffs amd went on to our putting forward have relied on a proper methodology real good science so that day air testimony and i dare evidence that they are marshalling can be put before a jury monsanto is focusing on one report that shows no causation between round up in cancer the prosecution is using experts to refuted rosenblatt says it's highly likely expert.

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