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7th set of remains linked to alleged 'planter pot' serial killer, police say



Live from NPR News in Washington on core of a Coleman in Florida. The state Senate has passed a measure on guns lawmakers say will improve school safety and peers. Greg, Alan reports, it puts some restrictions on gun purchases and would let some School employees be armed The bill, narrowly passed Florida Senate The Honore oppose provisions that banned, bump stocks, impose a three-day waiting period, and raise the aged, twenty one for all gun purchases. So Republicans voted 'no. Most Democrats also opposed the bill because allow some School employees to begin carrying guns. Lauren book a Democrat, who represents a district that is home to some of the school students and parents said while she wanted more from bill, she was voting. Yes, we have been elected to represent the will of the people there will is clear. Let's get something done. The bill also include some four hundred million dollars to expand mental health services to hire more school resource officers and upgrade school security. It now moves to Florida's House. Greg, Alan NPR News Tallahassee, Lawyers for entertainer, Bill Cosby are in court. His prosecutors ask a judge to let nineteen women testify who've accused him of sexual assault. Bobby Allen of member station WHYY reports Cosby's lawyers say the additional witnesses will make jurors biased in his criminal re-trial prosecutors said in court that Cosby had a decade-long pattern of drugging and molesting women. Something government lawyers called a quote, sadistic sexual scrapped. So they're hoping a judge permits, nineteen other women to take the stand against Cosby, including actress Janice Dickinson. Prosecutors, said the additional accusers will help defend the credibility of the main accuser, Andrea Constand, who will be likely subjected to intense cross-examination as she was during the first trial that ended in a hung jury last summer. But defence lawyer Tom as a row as expected to argue that the other incidents are unsubstantiated and will distract the jury from the one episode at the heart of the trial. For NPR News, I'm Bobby Allen in Philadelphia, UN Secretary, General Antonio Guiterrez has appointed former. New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg as his special envoy for climate action. Linda Kasulo reports. The appointment comes a year in advance of a UN summit on global warming UN Secretary, General Antonio Guiterrez said that he appointed Michael Bloomberg to the post to help him persuade governments and businesses to accelerate implementation of the two thousand fifteen Paris Climate Accord. Bloomberg who has called on nations not to emulate President Trump's decision to pull the US out of the agreement, expressed hope that the president would change his mind. Linda FISU low reporting, the National Weather Service says, blizzard conditions are hitting the Northern Plains and upper Midwest. Parts of the Dakotas could get more than a foot of snow. By the end of the day today, there's significant accumulation as far south is Iowa. The Weather Service says, this will turn into a nor'easter as it tracks into the northeast this week affecting the mid-Atlantic states up to New England. Some cities could get between six and ten inches of snow. This is NPR. Former Trump campaign official Sam Nunn Burke announced yesterday. He did not want to cooperate with a subpoena issued by special counsel. Robert Muller in the Russia investigation. Number made several TV appearances. He says, he's been summoned to appear before a grand jury Friday to turn over many e-mails related to the Trump campaign. But by last evening, Number reversed his statements and suggested he would cooperate. Number was fired from the Trump campaign and White House officials say he's never worked. There. Police in Toronto, Canada have released. Another set of human remains linked to the alleged serial killer. Bruce MacArthur, as Dan carbon Chuck reports of 30s have released a photograph of the victim, hoping someone can identify him the photos of a middle-aged bearded man with his eyes partially closed. It was released during a news conference were police announced. They had discovered a seventh victim investigators say the man was likely dead when the photo was taken, but refused to say how or when they got the photograph the lead investigator says releasing. The photo was a last resort. As they hope to identified the victim enclosed that part of their investigation Police, say the six previous victims at disappeared from Toronto's gave village or had ties to the LGBTQ community remains of all the victims, including the latest were discovered in platters where the Sixty-six-year-old MacArthur worked as a self-employed landscaper For NPR News and Dan carping, Chuck and Toronto. The United Nations says a humanitarian aid. Convoy unserious eastern Gouta enclave could not fully deliver supplies. The effort to get aid into eastern good comes after attempts continue to fail to secure a ceasefire that will at civilians flee the besieged area. This is NPR.

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