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NBA -- James Harden, Chris Paul push Rockets to 16th straight win


Leave worry behind when liberty stands video of liberty mutual insurance rockets at it's well nothing run in the second quarter and also on top of the twelve nothing run it became a twenty four to six run third quarter more houston outscored the thunder by 4 fast bowler to the fourth quarter moon jae slings it to the left corner 3 out of the left corner assault continues for houston here in okc although three eighty four six minutes to go okay that was the last field goal made by the houston rockets in this game six minutes ago you heard casting games over nineteen straight points from the free throw line the game 4 guy half hour to play names final james harden waving over to the oklahoma city houston rockets but it sixteen straight wins dominating here in oklahoma city once wanting to sell one twelve eight fifty women season for houston that's the bottle call one 221 twelve james harden three chris paul twenty five seven different rockets go in double figures no one had more than twenty five it's called balance scoring every one a threat of the year russell westbrook thirty two points carmelo anthony had 23 but he on line four in the second half off knacks than the nba tonight post game show a win was a win sixteen straight for the rockets now for the thunder what did they learn tonight we explore that up next this is the nba audience bitter radio hey guys ensure go you know we hear a lot these days about fake news but when it comes to mind dating the real problem is fake views fake people with fake profiles trying to fake you out if you're looking for real connection it's time to get real with it's just launch i can be totally real about this because i use it myself and i can tell you first hand that erica and they're matchmakers are darn.

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