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I worked hard for it and we earned everything that we got and you know i think we did it the right way and it's special to see kind of what stage that we were able to to get to the spite you know going out this way we're gonna we're gonna never forget this and and i think a lot of people will remember this run for a long time they certainly will it's michigan in novato for monday's title game two teams last played in the legends classic in two thousand fourteen to five point villanova win michigan last championship game twenty thirteen wolverines fell to louisville as a six and a half point favorite villanova the largest favorites in a championship game since duke was favored by seven over butler in two thousand ten villanovan has been favored in every game this season espn college basketball analyst jay bilas on sportscenter he spoke with john anderson it was a spectacular performance not just the shooting but of passing and i thought the passing really set up the great shooting and you have to give credit i to jalen brunson i can't remember john the last time i saw point guard go down in the post and draw a double team he was double teamed in the post and and took it on and passed out of it and the performance by eric pascoe with twenty four points missing only one shot out of eleven and you amari spelman the two big guys for nova we're really outstanding and it's so difficult to guard those guys when they've got five out and jay wright as something a lot of coaches say hey catch it ready to shoot jay wright says catch to shoot and when you catch to shoot if somebody takes that shot away they close out then you've gotta drive and if you over help against villanova they are going to burn you and you saw them burn kansas in this one just an amazing performance let's talk quickly about the wolverines the first half listen this wasn't sister jean magic loyola played really great that first twenty minutes had the game under control what in michigan do in the.

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