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Late differently. If I help you bypass your ego with a single question for self-reflection, You can find the point of impact. You can go often engage image your own engagement, A. Come ability really breeds engaged fence, but it It starts with fencing. So we teach people berry, easy things like a somebody's venting too. I might ask them what would great look like right now if you were great, who will linger it? Look like you can't Benson self reflect at the same time, your body incapable Right will If I know what great looks like everyone knows what great looks like. But the problem is they use it to judge other people who in. So if what would great look like I would be back on the phone with at customer IB, be explaining their options on resolving the issue. Then all I have to say as leaders Gobi Great guy, And we found that we can take 45-minute interactions and get them down the five minute interactions where people aren't venting their self reflecting, And they're going quickly to have impacts and the report higher levels of engagement because the leaders job is to help them self reflects a leaders powers more about what you get people thinking about, rather than what you tell them. And so we're really turning some leadership things on. On its head shifting, yeah, you Russsia shifting Yade that area of a debt component of it. So I know. So my background is a therapist where we don't tell people to live their lives. We we ask of McQuay suddenly accountable to what they want to produce. Right, right. Well, we I loved keep keep chatting about this because we have so much in common about what we do, but I have some questions here. Today. I want you to finish the sentence. I am a leader because I am a leader. All my gosh, because I love to help people under Sam suffering is optional. I really want people to know the suffering, a self-imposed just in their minds and thus swam, a leader. My favorite's success quote is all that once easy. The polar roaming has a quote that says, El, beyond the ideas of right doing and wrongdoing. There is a field on Meet you there who loved that one. My process for evaluating opportunities is I would tell you that. Um, I have moved into a place dads. I move intuitively to a yes position and look at how it could be possible ends. What could be the benefits to arm the world's ANZ than I validate that Emina very quiet after I know if it's possible on a good idea. I check-in Berg quietly with imagining myself doing that to make sure it's something I wanna give my energy to love that. So what is the moment in your life that had the greatest impact on EU law? I would say, uh, being homeless was pie at the moment. My life. I lived in a pub town in a camp grounds for, about eight months when I was about twenty one I had come out of a really tricky relationship. And, um, it was a time where I just really snow mothers time meditating reading, working heavily. In a double life, not letting people know I was homeless, And um, it is when most filling tens of my life because I really tapped into a bigger power, ANZ knowing I was part of something bigger site got over myself a bit. And I also realised that if it was going to be, it was up to me that I needed to step into some power I didn't shying away from. So I would say being homeless those eight months while really powerful to Whitney believe is the world's greatest mood. Um, I actually believe that there might not be any wounds, but we definitely have created stories of wounds in So I think the filter we see the world with right now That eagle filter and the fact that were believing our own thinking, um, is the source of what we believe to be all kinds of insults and wounds. And I think if we went beyond ego like roomy quote out in that fields Beyond ego, um, that we would have all the solutions. For hunger and peace season, this guy would just be the limit would be an limitless. We be unlimited in our potential. So will you ever be satisfied? Well, I ever be satisfied. I already inside the side every day is just a wonderful extra to me. I am. I do a lot of transorm meditation. I feel very content SimpliSafe satisfied with what is in. So anything that comes out of that is just such a mind-blowing surprise that just keeps getting better and better every there. I think it is the answer the Knicks were, which is what is your truth. You're Nordstroem the guide your life every day. You know, my nor Sr. That guy's by life is, um, really knowing that most This is an illusion Emily tapping into, um, that that bigger cosmic consciousness that Center of the thing. That is everything else to what's next. Oh my gosh. Um, I'm hoping that fake my own family on a beach smelter. Card Comey with your All of us in business Ray Iraq. Iraq, the ends of at least a chapter, So I am working diligently to two knowledge, transfer everything I know into video and audio and on into people so that the philosophy lives on on what's next for me, I would like to on become more at a voice in the world, place about how all of us could live, not only differently at work, but differently in life with a mindset towards connection and cleberation ends peacefulness. I would like to move from business into the world place in a way that I could make a big difference. We're definitely need to talk about a woman who dared Council by my about that is what we are all about. Lie believe that might be the whole reason we connect to them as out of Qaeda, that that could be, uh, dislike you. I do, Uh, trends transmitted Haitian O transcendental meditation. Lorde. I very good that out as they cut a name, does Lethem more simple? This T R T M M. So we're gonna listeners find you. I also have a podcast I've been following all these great women, MI podcast is no ego and it is on all the major outlets and we just stand out. It was it's on Spotify now. So Pernod said it. We also are anywhere as its site Wakeman see Y W A K M A n would invite you to check asylum linked in Instagram. Facebook and I have a Facebook watch show called wife's messy live, happy. Her Nah beds is really exciting, is the one show your boss possible want you to watch at work. So, um, if you need Sincan the Facebook, You can do that, But we're in reality base leadership dot com. Weird to, sir, We have a lot of different grape places that we try and keep people, um, fed so they can things. Nice news. Why wouldn't Thank you for being here. I am so proud of the work that you were doing and it's just it's it's incredible to meet several like you think you. Rabin Thank you coming ladies all around the world lesson out there. We're looking for you The time has come to be unstoppable together. The danger of executive women is a worrying and were not enough obsessed with perfection failing to perform your in the right place. It's now time to be unstoppable together with Connie five she was the director of the United States Chamber of Commerce and CEO of the Girl Scouts sit down, squat down or lie down. It's time for of or out all business with Connie five Your unstoppable DiVa and chair of the Fife group, helping women in leadership, achieve excellence, and be unstoppable together.

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