Trump tariffs: Europe releases list of retaliation targets


This is wnyc stay with us up next in just a moment it's marketplace facing tariffs on its steel exports to the us the eu is threatening to retaliate with levies on blue jeans bourbon and motorcycles by making these threats they can get some sort of negotiated agreement with president trump's administration to not include european union in this large import tariff we'll hear more tonight on marketplace that's coming your way in just a moment we'll have more all things considered at seven o'clock for tonight we're looking at mostly clear skies with a low around twenty eight degrees it's six thirty wnyc supporters include the band's visit a new broadway musical a mixup sends a group of egyptian musicians to a remote israeli town when the locals take them in for the night their lives intertwine ticket information at the band's visit musical dot com this is wnyc ninety three point nine fm and am eight twenty npr news and the new york conversation.

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