Man gets 30 years for road rage killing of ex-NFL player Joe McKnight

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Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from REI. What is your? But that's the question REI co. Op is asking this season with gear classes, expert advice and adventure trips REI can help you overcome any excuses to find your way outside. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens authorities in Miami Dade County are trying to identify at least four people killed in the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida international university. Several people have been rescued and county fire, chief Juan Perez says crews are using high tech equipment and sniffing dogs for any signs of more survivors realized that this is going to be a long long process because to get through that raw bowl and you know the pieces of concrete, they're laying there is not going to be an easy task. If I you president, Mark Rosenberg says there did not appear to be any problems with the installation of the bridge, which was still under construction Russia's deputy foreign minister says his country will add more Americans to its blacklist. The threat coming a day after the Trump administration slapped new sanctions on nineteen Russian citizens and five entities in response to meddling in the twenty sixteen election and cyber attacks against U A systems. The move comes a day after the administration, joint US allies in blaming Russia over recent nerve agent attack which Moscow denies President Trump is standing by his false claim that the US has a trade deficit with Canada as NPR's timber, Keith reports. The president made the assertion at a private fundraiser earlier in the week. The fundraiser audio was obtained and I reported on by the Washington Post and NBC news in it. Trump replays a conversation he had with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau about trade starting by quoting Trudeau. We have no trade very proud because everybody else getting killed with him. So he's. I said, well, just that you, I didn't even know Trump is incorrect according to the US trade representative in two thousand sixteen the US trade surplus with Canada was twelve point. Five billion dollars in a tweet after the audio came out Trump falsely insisted again that there is a trade deficit that Canadian ambassador to the US responded with a tweet of his own citing the official US numbers tamra, Keith NPR news. A former WalMart executive is suing the company alleging. He was fired for complaining about misleading sales numbers as NPR's. Yuki Noguchi reports. WalMart says, the plaintiff is disgruntled in his loss in filed with the US district court in San Francisco, tree win claims. WalMart deliberately tampered with product labels and customer returns in order to inflate commissions and sales figures it was doing. So he argues in a desperate attempt to regain marketshare long lost to Amazon when had worked in digital sales at both companies. He was fired from WalMart last year. He says soon after raising his concerns about internal controls. He's accusing WalMart of violating whistleblower laws and is seeking punitive and other damages Yuki Noguchi NPR news, Washington on stock markets in Asia shares are mixed hiring Tokyo. This is NPR news. A state grand jury has indicted four people in the alleged hazing, death of Louisiana, state university pledge. The indictments, including one charge of felony. Negligent homicide comes six months after eighteen year old. Maxwell groover died following a night of drinking at five delta data house on LSU campus. Police originally arrested ten people in October prosecutors presented evidence of possible charges against nine in the grand jury. Indicted for Louisiana. Man has been sentenced for killing another motorist during a 2016 sixteen road rage incident that sparked protests over the police response. Ronald Gasser has received thirty years in prison for manslaughter as Teagan Wendelin of member station W W NO reports Yasser had originally faced up to forty years in prison. He argued that he fired in self defense when he shot and killed former NFL running back Joe McKnight in an apparent road rage incidents. The to wolf in and out of traffic and yelled at each. Other for five miles until they eventually pulled over at which went and Gasser says McKnight approached his car threateningly and he shot mcknight's mother, Jennifer McKnight sobbed as she left the courtroom. After hearing the sentence for NPR news, I'm Teagan wins land in New Orleans, former Metropolitan Opera conductor. James LeVine is suing the organization for defamation and breach of contract, the mid fire LeVine on Monday citing credible evidence that he engaged in sexually abusive and harassing behavior. He says the claims are unfounded while the Metropolitan Opera says, Levine's lawsuit is riddled with untruths. I'm Shay Stevens NPR news in Washington.

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