Running back Saquon Barkley doesn't work out at Penn State's pro day

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Three cities to college hoops experts one range rover sport espn's davis first round of the turnament to get the juices go jay bilas bake mind mark on this game book of the ultimate tournament road trip with assists along the way from christian leitner and paul peers setting the stage for never been done before shellings they're big bovina wigs watch at espn dot com slash range rover sport land rover above and beyond for glad it could be with us wendy next and graziano jeff saturday josina anderson we will start the afternoon in the great state of pennsylvania as you just saw all is we're on penn state this afternoon where former running back saquon barkley was expected to work out for nfl coaches and scouts the nittany lions pro day but buckley and said decided not to do so for more on that he spoke with our diana rossini all right thanks guys i'm here with saquon barkley at his penn state pro day so what's the plan for today the plan this morning was come here and work out do running back drills and do routes and stuff like that try to show my versatility as a running back but talking to coach franklin and talking to my team realizing that there any running back coaches out here kind of made a decision to just share my teammates and try to be supportive as i can be and just continue to chair my teammates as a continued killed comma so no team sent any running back coach is here to to work you out what do you think that tells you.

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