Mississippi governor has Monday deadline to sign nation's most restrictive abortion law

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh, Austin, Texas authorities are investigating yet another explosion. It happened last night detonated by a trip wire, two men who were riding or pushing bicycles were injured, police chief, Brian Manley says the trip wire blast revealed a different level of skill different from three previous explosions in Austin, this month that were left on people's doorsteps. He's been able to do this morning is do another sweep of the entire area so that we know that the area is now safe and we now have the specialists from both ATF and FBI conducting the post blast investigation. The previous explosions, by the way were caused by package bombings, the men injured last night were white. The previous victims were Latino or African American Facebook says it is launching an intensive review of Cambridge Analytica which it had already suspended after revelations, that it improperly obtained private information from users. NPR's Amy held has that story a former Cambridge analytic research director says the data came from more than fifty million profiles and the data research firm wanted it to try to learn how people might vote and how they might be targeted. Now, the British parliament says Facebook and Cambridgeshire Lyrica have been deceptive and wants the CEO's of each to come testify and Adam Schiff ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee who's looking into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen election toll ABC's this week. He wants to find out more of that miss appropriate information used by this digital arm of the Trump campaign to manipulate American voters. Cambridge Analytica says it didn't use any of the data in its work for the Trump campaign. Further, it's an is using or holding Facebook profiles. Amy held NPR news, Mississippi governor Phil Bryant expected to sign into law, the most restrictive abortion ban in the US NPR Sarah mccamman reports, abortion rights groups are expected to file legal challenges. Mississippi already has. One of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, banning abortion after twenty weeks. This pushes it back to fifteen weeks. There's only one clinic that provides abortions in the state. They and abortion rights groups are expected to challenge the fifteen week ban on constitutional grounds. So this really sets up a legal fight over just how far a state can restrict abortion in early pregnancy resident Trump travels to New Hampshire today to talk about his plan to combat the opioid addiction crisis. That includes imposing the death penalty on some drug traffickers. Here's WBRC Anthony, Brooks prevention, including a strategy to rain in the over prescribing of opioids, second expanding evidence based treatment. And third stepping up law enforcement and drug interdiction, including cracking down on international drug, cartels the president who is previously called for the death penalty for high impact drug dealers will do so again in New Hampshire when he lays out his plan. This is NPR news. The US supreme court is allowing a death row, inmates convictions and death sentences in ARizona to stand able Danieli dog. Oh argues, ARizona law does not sufficiently narrow eligibility for the death penalty. However, the high court rejected that challenge. It's four liberal leaning justices have said they would be open to, again, consider adult goes argument. But in a different case, that is I fully argued in the lower courts experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are in Britain today examining the Soviet era. Nerve agent used to try to assassinate a Russian former spy and his daughter earlier this month on British soil. The toxin is called Nova chalk NPR's Joanna kisses has the latest from London speaking to the BBC. British Foreign Secretary borsch Johnson continued to blame Russia for the poisoning of Sarah gain Julius Pol and Salisbury England. We actually have evidence within. Lost ten years that Russia has not only been investigating the delivery of nerve agents for the puppa's of facination. But there's also been creating and stockpiling novels Russian President. Vladimir Putin fresh from his reelection Sunday says, it's nonsense that Russia is behind the attack and that Russia will cooperate with any investigation. The scruples remain in critical condition. Joanna kakissis, NPR news, London, still seeing a sliding US stocks with the Dow off. Now more than three hundred points or one point, two percent at twenty four thousand six hundred forty two. Both the NASDAQ and S impaired down one percent. This is NPR.

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