Turkey takes control of Afrin in Syria


Under pressure to explain how data and fifty million users were exploited for political gain as fall as claims data from cambridge analytical used the leaked information to help donald trump when the us presidency bloomberg sarah frier explains unaggressive saying that it shouldn't case that a hundred thousand people getting beta giving it to a researcher she result in all that information on fifty million people being in the hands of that person in furthermore basic was not able to track the data as it went to the third party he was able to bear for give us a cambridge analytica in space of had no idea a has asked facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to testify on the matter and tacky has captured the town afrin on syria's northern border bloomberg's simon says as follows a two month campaign to expel the us backed forces the capture of afrin could propel adwan expand the offensive to push the syrian kurdish y pg militia from the border and quash aspirations of kurdish self rule ankara sees the why as an extension of pkk militants who have been battling for kurdish autonomy in turkey for decades in istanbul simmons can bloomberg daybreak europe global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and anisimov the one hundred twenty countries i'm sandra kilhof this is bloomberg marcus from sandra to the sports here's joe thompson chelsea boss antonio contest says he doesn't see drawing southampton is the easiest path to their three cup final after beating leicester two one in extratime is side voted manchester united and tottenham will meet in next month or the semi celtic now ten points clear the top of the scottish premiership with just eight games to play they could have extended their advantage further though drew nil nil at motherwell despite their opponents having cedric kick bryce sent off in the first half celtics john henry's been called up by scotland for the first time after his club teammate care and tierney withdrew because of injury for martin's also pulled out to the squad for friendlies against costa rica home four we're here to help bowl scotland out that's the like this i'm joe townsend joe tells into with european sports now let's turn back.

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