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Stephen hawking author of a brief history of time has died at the age of seventy six that evening i'm larry sharoni deborah anderson is at the editor's desk cbs news covers the world next what's happening and why kcbs am kfc fm and hd one san francisco oakland san jose it's ten o'clock cbs news on the hour presented by liberty mutual insurance i'm jim shanavie word from cambridge england on the death of physicist stephen hawking the age of seventy six more from correspondent mark phillips he had become perhaps the most famous disabled person in the world and one of the best known scientific minds of modern times and he was living proof that any disability can be overcome stephen hawking with his wheelchair and his computerized voice was an instantly recognisable figure he made his last major public appearance at the london paralympic games where he needed no introduction dog people have grade current understanding of underlying order of the world why it has says it is way it exists at all mark phillips cbs news london democrat connor lamb has declared victory the official results of the special election to fill in open house seat from pennsylvania's eighteenth congressional district won't be known tonight too close to call ninety nine percent of the vote counted lamb leads republican rick saccone by just three tenths of one percent and there are still about thirty two hundred absence he balanced tally cbs news director of elections anthony salvin may see one of these candidates maybe can't land has a you know slave couple of hundred vote lead as he does now but then you go into challenges and then you go into the re canvas you will not see at this point i think an outright projection of a win democrats say they've sent the white house a message in a district one by then candidate trump by twenty percentage points president trump was in southern california tuesday check progress on his border wall project this was really a day where we look at the different prototypes of the walls you seat up the media's in and some work very well some don't work so well when we build we want to build the right thing this is steve futterman in san diego as president trump was at the border there were rallies taking place both for and against his immigration policies the focal point was the war the catholic church opponents.

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